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Indonesia has a very diverse life styles. There are many rich people, and at the same time there are poor people too. In big cities, like Jakarta, you will find big houses which may be more expensive than houses in Beverly Hills. (The land itself is so expensive, as if there is gold underneath.) In slum areas, you will see homeless people live on the street. In street intersection you will see beggars going from car to car begging for money.

Most brochures talk about the beauty of Indonesia. This site will document everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly. You deserve the truth.

In this new update I add more good things about Indonesia, since many readers suggested that I should not leave out many good things. I hope, now, it is more balanced. I added more pictures and will add more in the future (a friend lent me his digital camera for those pictures. I wish I have one of my own. Want to donate a digital camera?).

  • About this page: reasons behind the creation of this page
  • Water system: drinking water, etc.
  • Electricity and electronic equipments in Indonesia. (updated 29 March 2002 with a picture of electrical outlet in Indonesia)
  • Entertainment: what we do for entertainment, prices of cassette tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and others, pirated games, software, and CDs. (new)
  • Health system: health insurance is not common (yet), which means you have to pay big bucks if you're sick.
  • Food: the type of food we eat (created 11 Feb 2002) (new)
  • Kids: kids in Indonesia are the same with other kids in the world
  • Prices: want to know how much some things cost in Indonesia? (new)
  • TV system: PAL, limtted cable TV in Jakarta but not in other parts of Indonesia, but there's satellite.
  • Transportation: driving in Indonesia, Jakarta-Bandung train schedule, how to get to Bandung from Jakarta (new), public transportation (updated: 28 january 2002 with info on flight from jakarta to bandung)
  • Smoking Indonesia is heaven for smokers (updated: 12 July 2000)
  • Clothing: what to wear in Indonesia (created: 2 Sept 2000)