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"Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" - Unity in Diversity

Information about Indonesia - pages with contents. Not just links. See also our new location at indonesia.insan.web.id.
Indonesian life style: the way Indonesians live, information about electricity, driving, transportation, education, everything you want to know about Indonesia. If you plan to live in Indonesia or interested in the way Indonesians live, this page(s) is for you. This is the most popular page of this web site.
Books, printed publications related to Indonesia.
General information about Indonesia (some are out of date, for more up-to-date information, have a look at the new Indonesian lifestyle page), history, heroes
Travelling in Indonesia and a list of provinces
Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian official language

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Hyperpages (links of links)
Business and Economy: a growing collection of business-related information, directory listing of companies, ISPs, statistics, and portals!
Berita Indonesia: list of on-line news media; newspapers, magazines
IndoWebs: web sites of organizations, groups (non-business, non-government, non-personal pages)
Governmental pages
Environmental issues in Indonesia
Milis: (the only) comprehensive list of Indonesian mailing lists
Indonesians: "Manusia Indonesia", a list of over 870 (Indonesian) personal pages. Very popular link. See also "looking for relatives and friends" page.
Indonesia Forum: an open forum (business, politics, general discussions etc.)
REFORMASI: Movements to reform the Indonesian government! and political parties!
[wayang] Cultural pages
Food: recipies, list of restaurants
Batik: traditional dress, motif
Hikayat dan dongeng: Folklore, stories
Wayang: Traditional Indonesian puppets
Entertainment: Arkana Analisa Astrologi, Taufiq Ismail (poem, this link doesn't work, can anybody inform us the correct URL), karikatur Indonesia (cartoon, new).
Jaringan Kerja Budaya
Music:traditional (gamelan, etc.) or modern, lyrics of some Indonesian songs.
Silat: Indonesian traditional martial arts.
Indonesian Weddings, Purawisata has a page on weddings
Panji Koming: a popular comic strip.
A web on Javanese culture.
Another cultural page
Science and Technology
Science and Technology: list of universities, schools, etc.
Dokter Internet: questions and answers about health (in Bahasa Indonesia).
Important dates in Indonesia 1999 (important dates in 1998)
Kids page
Parahyangan train schedule
Hobby: collecting stamps? Visit Prangko.com
Addresses of Indonesian student groups, embassies, and consulates
Wierd: strange Indonesian web pages.

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